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Reduce Pain | Manage Pain | Pain Relief Pain Relief Rub & Skin Repair Rub

Reduce Pain | Manage Pain | Pain Relief Pain Relief Rub & Skin Repair Rub

Reduce Pain | Manage Pain | Pain Relief Pain Relief Rub & Skin Repair RubReduce Pain | Manage Pain | Pain Relief Pain Relief Rub & Skin Repair Rub

Custom Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts & Formulations 

Created Specifically for RELIEF from Pain & Skin Conditions

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Superior Science & Results

Pain Relief Topical

Why Choose Us for Pain Relief

Formulated SPECIFICALLY for Pain Relief 

Custom Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts

CBD (Cannabidiol) - inflammation relief 

CBN (Cannabinol) - oxidative stress & circulatory relief

Neurotransmitter Modulation to relieve pain

Skin Condition Repair Topical

Why Choose Us for Skin Repair?

Formulated SPECIFICALLY for Skin Repair 

Comprised of 99% Pain Relief Rub - PAIN RELIEF TOO!!!

CBD (Cannabidiol) for inflammation relief 

CBN (Cannabinol) - anti-fungal, anti-bacterial strength

Red Palm Oil -   Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, 

                            Anti-Microbial, Anti-Oxidant

Carotenoids (alpha-,beta-, & gamma-carotenes)

Sterols (sitosterol, stigmasterol & campesterol)

Vitamin E (tocopherols & tocotrienols)

Water-soluble antioxidants, phenolic acids & flavonoids

Re-fattening agents help to restore skin’s natural oils, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth & supple; contains an antibacterial that fights, acne, causing bacteria.



Full Spectrum Extract Hemp Lip Balm

Lip Balm Conditions Relieved

Common benign lesions on  outside  of  lips include rashes due to:

Allergic contact dermatitis, Chapped Lips, Warts, Cold Sores, Milia 

Cold Sores = Herpes Simplex   Herpes is a recurring viral infection

Milia are common little white cysts on border of the lips or on face

Relieve Tingling, Itch & Pain  STOP the 

Small Blisters of Cold Sores from Appearing

Pain Relief Rub Testimonials

Fibromyalgia pain locations


I use this product EVERYWHERE. Knees, Ankles, Shoulders, Neck, & my Face. I use it at night to instantly STOP CRAMPS. This has been a LIFE CHANGER for me. I am more mobile, enjoying playdates with my dog & definitely in NO PAIN. My dreaded sinus headaches just pass on by. I use your lemongrass during the day & your lavender at night to balance my day. I laugh at all the other things I have tried and tell everyone that I have a "personal extractor" now. I cannot praise or thank you enough for what you do. Your new friend, Anna  


Knee pain relief

Chronic Knee Pain

Climbing up 12th Century Castle Towers in North Wales would not have been possible without my friend in the jar Cannot thank you enough for changing my life. I had just about given up    I tried all the "MIRACLE CURES" from Sinvisc, Hyalgan, Cortisone, & every Lotion & Potion in between. Experts at .Ramapo Knee Centre, North Shore Orthopedic, Northwell Health could not help.  Pro Health (sports medicine doctors) performed Orthoscopic Surgery (9 years ago) which was UNSUCCESSFUL. Now, I can be mobile & productive. When I arrived home (NYC), I was continually scratching the top of both feet. It was burning and extremely itchy. It was not longer than 10 minutes before the Pain Itching and extreme Redness WAS GONE.. Very Impressive.           I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT.

Relief for 5 different types of headaches

Migraine Headaches

I cannot believe my headache went right away.

I get headaches every day almost & migraines all the time. So bad that I stress on getting them. 

I have it on now & I do not know how you did it but no joke my headache was gone in minutes 

I have not been getting any headaches! 

Not since the first day I got this...

I had the headache & now, it's been gone.

I put it on my temples, my carotids & my eyelids and it stopped quickly

Wow... I really like this stuff. 

It’s helping my grandma so much I cannot believe it's doing as much as it's doing!

Everyone loves it. 

I do not know what you are doing but my goodness it is helping  


Skin Repair Rub Testimonials

Aggravated Dermatitis

I wanted to write to you about the Skin Repair Rub. 

THAT IS  a pure skin repair balm that blows away prescribed medicine, antibiotics or anything 

any Doctor could give me to get rid of my contact dermatitis.

Every time I work with the materials to grow plants, especially rubber gloves, my hands break out bad & then I have alligator skin. I was prescribed antibiotics for it & also two different creams a year ago. 

I have suffered since 2012.

The Skin Repair Rub took away the inflammation, redness, and itch, & it healed my skin while covering a lot of ugly flaky skin, as well as stopping it from coming off. Within the first couple applications, it was ridding the bad skin in layers, big pieces came off with no pain. I was experiencing constant BLISTERS & discharge of oils, now it is all healed & taken away.

Nothing worked. Your Natural Skin Repair Rub came & absorbed twice as fast & I only had to apply it after the shower, I noticed if over applied it does not heal as well.  I also just got super sun burnt as well on my neck, I came home and put the skin repair rub on and it pulled the pain out as well as the pain relief rub does, but the next morning it was basically healed. I still have not peeled. 

I Have Never Been So Amazed 

Grateful Mountain Relief's Skin Repair Rub gives the skin everything it needs.  

This could be prescribed & outperform all prescribed creams full of chemicals.  

You have created the Spartan of all Topicals.

Psoriasis Picture Testimonial

Severe Psoriasis Picture Testimonial

Psoriasis: Problem with Desquamation (Shedding) of skin cells

· Desquamation involves the enzymatic process of dissolving the protein bridges, the desmosomes, between the corneocytes, & the eventual shedding of these cells

· Psoriasis has increased corneocyte production & decreased shedding Result: Dry Rough Skin - cells accumulate rather than shed

Skin Repair Rub:  Limits corneocyte production & improves the enzymatic dissolving of protein bridges & desmosomes allowing more skin to shed.  Less accumulated skin = less itching, burning, pain.  

Shingles: Virus in Nerve Endings near spinal cord - brain

·-Pain, Sensitivity to Touch, Rash, Burning Itching

Skin Repair Rub:  Relieves the above Symptoms, relieving painful oozing blisters that form & hastens the drying out & elimination of the rash

Beauty Application Testimonial

Beauty Application - 57 year old


I just wanted to tell you that 

I love your skin repair rub. 

I can see a big difference after only using it a few days. 

My makeup goes on so much better after I apply the skin relief rub.

I apply the skin relief rub &

the lines on my face are not so deep. 

My skin is very soft after much easier makeup removal

I shared some with my 77 year old mother & she called today to say she was AMAZED at the RESULTS especially the bags around her eyes. 

Her Eye Bags are still there but not as bad. 

She said this is HUGE!!!


About Us

Grateful Mountain Relief

GRATEFUL = To Be Able to Help People. & Pets - Common feedback is "Life Changing"

MOUNTAIN = Specific Formulations for "Mountain Life" 

          Less air pressure at altitude holds in less moisture. Moisture Rich Formulas

          Active outdoors means range of motion for Effortless Movement

          UV Protection from wind burn

RELIEF = Manage, Control & Relieve Pain  RELIEVE  Skin Conditions  RELIEF from FLU Symptoms

Conditions Relieved

2000+ Satisfied Users  

- Arthritic Nerve Pain

- Tendon-Bone Pain

   – Hips – Ankles – Knees – Shoulders - Elbows -

- Diabetic Nerve Pain

- Chronic Lower Back Pain

- Headaches - Migraines

- Arthritis, Osteoarthritis

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Muscle Pain · Neck Pain -    Increased Range of Motion

- Hand & Joint Pain

- Circulatory Pain

– Carpal Tunnel - Trigger Finger 

- Tendon Sprains - Cramping 

- Post Surgical & Cancer Pain

- Tooth Pain(edible)

- Sunburn, Sun (UV) Poisoning

- Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia

- Sciatica, Cluster Headaches

- Spinal Stenosis, Lupus Pain

- Shingles, Herpes Neuroma

- Complex Regional Pain· 

Pet Testimonials - Pain Relief Rub ONLY for Pets

Your pain relief rub has worked wonders on my dog,    a 13 year old Pit Bull that has developed major skin problems.  Hot spots, rashes, cracked paw pads and mysterious sores.  I applied the pain balm to his raw red areas and he is instantly relieved and I have seen his paw pads healed overnight!  When I apply it to his sores he just lays back, let’s me rub it in and literally sighs with relief! As a dedicated dog mom, I am extremely happy that my dog is being helped & healed by your pain relief rub!

I gave my sister a jar of pain balm for her dog because he developed two oozing crusty sores that kept growing in size. When she took her dog to the vet they recommended surgery to remove the growths on 2 different occasions costing upwards of $800 each. After faithfully applying the pain balm daily, the sore healed and completely disappeared in approximately 4-6 weeks.  Your Pain Relief Rub saved her dog 2 surgeries!! 

Our dog licked the pain rub I put on his paws for 3 days and now has NO LIMP and can jump onto bed again!!!

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